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The Castle of the White Queen is a house in the upper town to Provins in the department of Seine-et- Marne. It is a private property listed as historic monuments in France . Therefore , the castle is one of the attractions of France , which attracts the attention of both foreign and domestic .


Description of the Castle of the White Queen

Despite its name to the castle, the Château de la Reine is a two-storey house . It is a building dating from the twelfth century. It takes its name from the Royal Castle and imposing architecture. Indeed , enclosed by a high wall to the old, the building is easily recognizable as a historic monument. The castle was built in a medieval style with one hand to push very oriental architecture called Moorish ( North African architectural style during the Muslim era ) . These are the characteristics of the property that make it a visitable monument. The Castle of the White Queen was also part of French history since it was built in the town of Provins. Qualified history since the ninth century , as city hosted figures such as Charlemagne.


History of the Castle of the White Queen

The Castle was published in XII century on the place of Chatel, 2 rue de Savigny in Provins, Seine- et-Marne. He was appointed Castle White Queen , as the White Queen of Castile lived there with her ​​husband, Louis VIII . The White Queen , his original name " Blanca de Castilla " was a young girl from a large family. Her grandmother had planned for her life mapped out to end compulsory in the kingdom . For her grandmother at all costs , the small Blanca had to finish Queen. Negotiations then took place with royalty and the marriage was decided . At the time of their marriage, the Queen was 12 years and the King 13. The wedding was quite a dilemma in France , as Pope Innocent III at the time refused to celebrate the marriage. The union of the two heirs of France was then celebrated in England . The marriage has given birth to ten children whose future Saint Louis IX. However, only five of whom survived to adulthood. Some died in infancy and others during adolescence. The King and Queen were also among the ten offsprings , twins.


The main events of the castle

The White Queen was a woman of character who did not let himself be guided by and coax her dear husband . For example, when the latter went to the conquest of England , the Queen made ​​her realize she was not on his side. Also, she founded , in this castle as those Royaumont abbey in 1228 or that of Maubuisson in 1236 . The most striking of the story was the death of her husband Louis VIII was really touched and shocked. After the death of her deceased spouse , the White Queen announced that she was going to kill himself . The pain consumed her to the point she could no longer stand . But luckily the Queen had an indefinable inner strength she drew from watching his children. She then came to his senses and gathers its efforts to ensure that his son IX has inherited the crown from his father. The latter was then appointed , with the consent of the government , the true and authentic King of France .


The activities of the Castle of the White Queen

The Chateau de la Reine Blanche is a very interesting place to visit historical monument. The property is rich in history and memories. However , unlike other Chateaux in Seine-et- Marne , the Château of the White Queen is devoid of extra activity. The property is not given for rent for receptions or any other event.

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Taxi from the Castle of the White Queen to Paris airports

The Chateau de la Reine Blanche is located 49.1 km from Paris . This destination is 61.6 miles from Orly Airport 25.2 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 59.5 miles from Beauvais Tille .

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