Transfer from Charles de Gaulle airport to Sainte-Menehould


History of St. Menehould

The city of St. Menehould is located in the Marne department and the Champagne-Ardenne region destination. The history of this city dates back to antiquity. According to archaeological excavations, the situation of a rock in the middle of a plain brand that was once a pagan place of worship even before Christianity. From the Middle Ages, the town evolves into the main town of Argonne. Agriculture was one of the important activities in this period.


Tourism and visits to St. Menehould

The town of Sainte-Menehould houses various remarkable sites. This is one of the reasons that attract tourists from around the world. Visitors can admire in this case the cultural and artistic heritage of the town. The Church of Our Lady of the Castle is an attractive building. It is nestled between two busts man and woman back to the fourteenth century. In this fortress it is possible to see an organ of the seventeenth century and a tombstone of the fifteenth century.

After visiting the church, visitors have the opportunity to go to the art and history of St. Menehould museum. It has a collection of paintings, sculptures, art and natural science objects. Indeed, visitors will see thousands of objects and masterpieces of the seventeenth century and eighteenth century. The sacred art collections are also observed in the museum.

Tourist attractions are also exploring the city. Tourists are encouraged to go hiking in the Argonne Forest. The bicycle ride the arm of the Aisne surrounding the mound Gaize is also ideal in the municipality.

To complete the tour of the sights of the town of Sainte-Menehould, tourists are invited to use a transfer service. Our company and offers comfortable choice for cars, including collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car.


Transfer from St. Menehould to Paris airports

The city of St. Mennehould is 36 km from Verdun and 189 km from the city of Paris. This destination is 227 km from Orly airport, 234 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 213 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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