Shuttle transportation from Charles de Gaulle airport to Ambrières


History of Ambrières

The city is located in the Ambrières Marne department and the Champagne-Ardenne region. The history of the town dates back to between -650 and -700 years. At that time, the village was already occupied as archaeological excavations have uncovered the lithic which includes: the arrowheads, fragments of polished axes, wheels, bush ax, etc..


Tourism and visits Ambrières

The common Ambrières provides an opportunity for visitors to visit the remarkable monuments which it houses. The Church of Ambrières is an attractive building in the village. It was built in the thirteenth century. This date marks essentially moving the Church to 300 m of the original point where the old church stood. This fortress was registered as historical monuments January 15, 1918.

The remains of the Abbey of Haute Fontaine also see in this destination. This abbey was founded in the twelfth century and rebuilt in the seventeenth century. At the time, it was mandated to receive and give shelter to poor travelers and also a nursing home to religious convalescents. This abbey was recorded May 10, 1979.

To explore the city of Ambrières, tourists are encouraged to seek a transfer service to ensure movement in the village. Our brand and supports your travels around the city and to the Charles-de-Gaulle airport using three types of vehicle choices. Our collections include collective shuttle, private car and VIP luxury car.


Ambrières to transfer from Paris airports

The city of Ambrières is 8 km from Saint-Dizier and 186 km from Paris. This destination is 248 km from Orly airport 255 km from Paris Beauvais airport and 235 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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