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History and visit Atlantic Garden in Paris
The Atlantic Garden in Paris  is located in the 15th Arrondissement Necker. It is built on an area of ​​3.5 hectares and is covered with a dense and persistent vegetation. This garden was designed by two landscape François Brun and Michel Pena, and is the result of alloy technology and nature. Atlantic Garden was built in 1994, carried on a concrete slab supported by a stack of twelve arches Y. It lies above the Paris-Montparnasse train station and is surrounded by a set of tall buildings in a U-shaped
This station is a major terminus stations of the SNCF in Paris, on the left bank of the capital, which straddles parts of Plaisance and Necker (14th and 15th arrondissement).

These buildings that surround the Atlantic garden for offices and homes. Its strollers are sheltered from the wind because the surrounding buildings act as protection from wind exposure, but also there is the presence of an anemometer that measures the speed and strength of vent.Un large adjustable mirror also captures the sunlight and reflections shimmer gives the garden is fenced and visitors can find privacy. Users of this site may receive a guided tour. It is also remarkably clean, because people can sit on the floor. The designers have achieved a feat because they were able to cope with the enormous technical constraints such as access to the station, emergency exits, ventilation, limited deterrence, that is to say 130 hoppers through garden area had to be maintained.

And intercalation of various services such as car parks, railway services, access to private cars, taxis and for RATP.
Atlantic Garden is the result of a regular geometric inspiration tradition of French garden. Vegetation and decorations used are from the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The fountain of the Hesperides in the center, around the large lawn, trees and paths around the circumference, and driveway of the woods. Every corner of the Atlantic garden reflects nature. The sun and the energy in the west of the garden (with tennis courts dependent on a sports club, which also has a gym area).

To the Centre it is in the sky with the Fountain of the Hesperides. Eastern symbolizes darkness and dreams with its relief of the English landscape parks more dense vegetation. The thickness of the grass was only 20 centimeters before, but polystyrene has been used to raise. To ensure a high growth in the trees, they were planted in spaced 1.80 meters areas. In front of the garden is the memorial of Marshal Leclerc Hauteclocque and Jean Moulin Museum (the second driveway DB Jardin Atlantique), both explain and trace the history of the Resistance and Liberation of Paris. Children can even enjoy the garden Atlantic as a fantastic playground is reserved for them, the theme is the ocean. Atlantic Garden reserve a very special home with evergreen pine trees, perennials with white tones, with its two original Atlantic tree rows.

Transfer to the Atlantic Garden in Paris
The Atlantic Garden is located 26 km from Orly Airport, 35 km from Roissy CDG airport and 101 km to the airport of Beauvais

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