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History and visit the street Mathurins in Paris

The street is named Mathurins since 1881. It was called his creation "Rue Neuve des Mathurins" being on the route of what was once the road to the land of the farm Mathurins, origin of its name. Public highway 8 and 9 districts of the city of Paris. It débuteau No. 19, up Diaghilev and No. 17, rue Scribe and ends at No. 30, boulevard Malesherbes, which connects to the Opera Garnier.

Once along the street there are buildings whose names have marked the history of the city and its evolution. Hotel George Sand, owned by former chef of Napoleon I. The Theatre Mathurins, born in 1893 hall can accommodate up to 300personnes after some provisional names became known as "Theatre of Mathurins" in 1912.Théâtre Michel, the brainchild of Michel Mortier in 1908, it was built in basement and sudden flooding of the Seine in 1910. Currently, the street is decorated with multitudes of buildings redeveloped hotel apartments and also to welcome tourists. It is also lined with shops.

In terms of measurement, the road is long, 720m wide and 9.74 m.Il five (05) streets crossing the street Mathurins. Beginning on the west by the rue d’Anjou, and moving eastward at the rue Pasquier, through the rue de l’Arcade, then the rue Auber, the rue de Caumartin, and eventually rue Scribe. Part of the street Mathurins opens July 16, 1862. While another part, which is in the Rue de l’Arcade and Pasquier, was opened in 1972.

Shuttle to Street  Mathurins in Paris
Street Mathurins is located 24 km from Orly airport, 35 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 105 km from Beauvais Airport.


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