History and visit the Hotel des Invalides in Paris


History and visit the Hotel des Invalides in Paris

The Hotel des Invalides is classified as a historical monument in 1910 and in 1963. Construction of the hotel were made between 1670 and 1679. It measures 107 meters in height at the top of the dome. It was built in order to accommodate the military hospital, the Saint Louis des Invalides, a retirement home and a mausoleum. Currently, it houses the Army Museum, the Museum of the Order of the Liberation and the contemporary history museum. The architects who created this building are Liberal Bruant and Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

The Hotel des Invalides was built following a royal decree dated February 24, 1670. Its construction was done under the orders of Louis XIV. It is served by the metro Varenne, Invalides Metro and Metro Tower Maubourg. Its function was to assist and help disabled army soldiers to give them a peaceful life. For cons, the construction of this hotel also had a political character. King Louis XIV wanted to relocate invalid because they were bad figures. He also wanted to improve its image and the image of the French army. Among eight projects proposed to the king, that of Liberal Bruant was considered. The plan of the palace monastery of Philip II of Spain was redone. The building was flanked by five courses, including the royal court. Part of the courtyard was demolished after a construction giving way to the great dome. The church was built on a slight rise of land. Its construction lasted for thirty years and provided mainly by architect Louvois. The construction of this religious institution ended August 28, 1706. On the death of the architect, is buried July 19, 1691 in the church. After finishing the work, the place becomes a place to ride is very popular with Parisians.

At the beginning of construction, some barracks were planned. But following the draft Liberal Bruant, a huge building along with the church and the royal court were programmed. The hotel also houses an invalid hospital, a military hospital and a factory for the manufacture of military uniforms. Workrooms were converted into bedroom. After the death of Napoleon, the hotel is renowned Royal Hotel des Invalides. It has become a representative of the Bonapartist. The artillery museum moved into the hotel in 1872, while the historic museum of weapons settled in 1896. Museums have been brought together in one museum in 1905 when the Army Museum. A statue of Napoleon in the courtyard has been replaced by another by Napoleon III. The latter statue was dismantled by the municipality of Paris. While the statue was first placed in the roundabout Courbevoie. Currently, the Hotel des Invalides still receives war invalids. The national institution for disabled is responsible for this function. A large mass was celebrated by Pope Benedict sixteenth September 13, 2008.

The Saint-Louis des Invalides was opened in 1679. The colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome has been imitated by the architect Jules Hardouin Mansart for this church. The colonnade is crowned by a dome. A large number of armed French are buried in the grounds of the hotel invalid.

Transfer to the Hotel des Invalides in Paris
The Hotel des Invalides is located at a distance of 17.8 km from Orly Airport, 32.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 88.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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