Private van transfer to the town of Avallon in Burgundy


History of the town of Avallon in Burgundy

Avallon is a French town which is located in the department of Yonne region of Burgundy. Formerly, the town was occupied and turned into a spur crossed. The oppidum of people Gallic Aedui reflects this occupation. In the seventh century, several sporadic invasions swept over the city. Thus, bands Vikings multiplied their incursions. In 1590, the wars of religion did not spare the town and cause great damage.


Tourism and visits to Avallon

The town of Avallon has many religious and civil monuments, including the Church of St. Lazarus. Formerly, it was known as Notre-Dame. The name was changed when the relics of St. Lazarus were placed in the building. The new church of St. Martin, part of the Visitation convent was built in 1650 and restored in 1848. Other religious monuments of the town is the ancient abbey of Saint-Martin-du-Bourg, the church of St. Julian and the Ursulines. Besides the religious fortresses, tourists will have the opportunity to observe the civil monuments of the town. The clock tower was founded in 1456 by the aldermen. In 1460, the tower received a bell of 521 pounds. Also, visitors can detect the hall which dates from 1722, the hospital was built between 1715 and 1728 and the Town Hall built in 1770. Not content with this, history lovers will have the opportunity to enjoy the Saint-Julien and two old houses of the fifteenth century, one of which is located not far from the clock tower and the other side of the Saint-Lazare.

We suggest three categories of vehicles during your trip in the town of Avallon. So you have to choose between the private car, luxury car VIP shuttle and collective.


Transfer to Avallon from Paris airports

The town of Avallon is located at 43 km from Auxerre and 193 km from Paris. This destination is 210 miles from Orly airport, 242 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 309 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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