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History and visit the street  of  Liege in Paris
The creation of the rue de Liège revolves around the year 1826, along the route of the district of Europe, ancient gardens. It was first drawn from the rue du Rocher, to the place of Europe and along the street of Amsterdam. This first fraction has a width of 15 m. For the part between the street and the street Clichy Amsterdam, it was opened to traffic by royal decree on 21 September 1841.

Among the charges imposed in the order, the owners had to demolish buildings. The street has been nominated by the decree of 15 August confirmed by the decree of August 19, 1914. The track is débaptisée during the year 1914 and renamed attachment to the valiant resistance to the invader Liégeois German. The metro Liège was also renamed at the same time.

Cork Street which lies between the eighth and ninth districts in areas of Europe and Saint-Georges. It starts from the Rue de Clichy, at No. 39, to reach the place of Europe. It was once the transition Grammont where the attack took place against anarchist Ravachol Bulot. Cork Street is a major thoroughfare, it measures 400 meters long and wide 12 to 15 m.

Cork Street is rich in history, for writers lived, as Georges Duhamel. He was a writer, a poet and physician, celebrated for his work entitled "Chronicle Pasquier." It is also the seat of the French Federation of Rugby Union until 2010. Building was similarly created by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, a French architect restoring medieval buildings.

Transfer to the rue de Liège to Paris
Street Liege is 24 km from Orly airport, 26 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, and 105 km from Beauvais Airport

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