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History and visit the Bon Marché in Paris
Le Bon Marché is located on the Left Bank, 24 Rue de Sèvres in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. Fashion dress and French refinement made his home for 175 years. I must say that this store was immediately found its clientele since its inception at the beginning of the industrial era. Today, it is associated with chic and place of rendezvous of the most beautiful clothes from around the world. To get there, it is first of all with the subway lines 10 and 12. We must go down to the station Sèvres – Babylone. Nearby is also a bus stop for lines 39, 83 or 94. And more closely, there are station Velib ‘Bon Marché. Le Bon Marché offers visitors parking and nearby there is also a taxi. It is available all week except Sunday from 10am to 20pm except on Thursdays and Fridays when it closes at 21h.

The history of the Bon Marché back in 1838. At that time it belonged to the brothers Paul and Justin and doubling cube was a simple notions of 300m ², a fairly large for its time. He was known as Au Bon Marché. When talking about the Bon Marché, one immediately associates innovation especially in the field of sales. This is not to say after all that Aristide and Marguerite Boucicaut is accomplished. In 1852, the brothers took Doubling Cube as associate this great visionary. From there, it was an endless ascent to the store. Boucicaut spared no efforts to attract customers especially in technical sales. Customers could roam between the spokes no obligation to purchase and no vendors who support the almost picture of today’s supermarkets. Vendors intervened only if customers challenged them. Very quickly, the Bon Marche which only had 12 vendors saw their numbers go from sellers from 100 to just under 1,800 employees to death of him that made it successful. The success of the association Videau brothers and Boucicaut multiplied in the space of 10 years the turnovers at Cheap by 15.

This development alarmed the doubling cube brothers and they withdrew from the case in which the husband gave Boucicaut them. From there, they bought the land around and began a dramatic expansion both in terms of retail space and the number of employees, primarily women. Work began in 1869. Today, Le Bon Marché is more than 50,000 sqm. During the development work, he did not hesitate to make use of renowned architects such as Louis-Charles Boileau, Armand Moisant and Gustave Eiffel, author of the famous glass dome. The brand is now owned by the LVMH group since 1984. It has modernized the group by making it more stylish and more at select customer, a place where they sell luxury sum. However, even if the prices are up to the high-end items that we are proposing, it is always nice to walk between the shops and do some window shopping. Le Bon Marché has among others a wellness center and a ballroom.

Transfer to the Bon Marché in Paris
Le Bon Marché is located 16.2 kilometers from Orly Airport, 34.7 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 89.9 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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