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The Château du Jard is located in the city of Voisenon , Seine- et- Marne in France . It is ranked among the castles renaissance castle. It was built to the eighteenth century.



History of Castle Jard

The history of the castle dates back to the Jard Queen Adele of Champagne to the thirteenth century. In this era , when the king and queen walked near the Petit Jard stream returning from a day of hunting in the woods of Melun, the queen was charmed by the place and the landscape around the creek. Indeed, in 1199 , she decided to go to build a royal residence dedicated to a summer residence. On 22 August 1165, the Queen gave birth to the future King Philip Augustus in the fortress she founded . This long-awaited heir gave the opportunity to the Capetian race to continue. He was crowned king in 1179 . King Louis VII died in 1180 and the Queen has decided to transform the abbey was in residence. To 1203 year, the Queen uses religious Priory Pacy to sit in the castle of Jard to establish an abbey , known as The Royal Abbey of Jard -la-Reine -lez- Melun.

The Château du Jard has become a welcoming in the Canons Regular of Saint -Victor Abbey . In 1631 , the abbey adopted the reformed constitution of Sainte- Genevieve. Renovations were made ​​to the abbey to 1660 years and 1689 years .

Since the year 1791 , during the French Revolution, the abbey is in the possession of Mr. Jacques Duverger for restoration and then passed through the hands of various owners. In 1928, after Madame Veuve Jomini was acquired , the building goes to Mr. Williams Jurgens . Currently, the Château du Jard is the property of the Association of paralyzed France. He thus became the center of Jard receiving handicapped students.

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Transfer  by private car from Castle Jard to Paris airports

The Château du Jard is located 56.9 km from Paris . This destination is 40.5 miles from Orly Airport and 67 km from Charles- de- Gaulle Airport and 143 km from Paris Beauvais airport .

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