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History and visit the tank Montsouris Paris
The Montsouris reservoir is one of the five largest water reservoirs Paris . Nicknamed the tank valve, this monument is located in the 14th arrondissement of Paris . In a quadrilateral formed by Saint -Yves , rue de la Tombe -Issoire and Reille avenue , this work was inaugurated in 1873. Its function is to supply water to the southern part of the city of Paris . Since 2010 , it is the company Eau de Paris, which is responsible for its management.

The Montsouris reservoir is the work of the engineer Eugène Belgrand . The construction of the reservoir extended from 1868 to 1873. Like other tanks built at the time , the 14th arrondissement is intended to participate in the progressive replacement of the water supply of Parisians from the waters of the Seine . The reason is that they have become increasingly unfit for consumption because of the proliferation of waste from the upstream of the capital. Indeed, the late nineteenth century , there attended an important industrial and urban development . The second reason for the progressive non-use of the river is its very high temperature change with the seasons .

Situated on a high point south of the capital , close to Parc Montsouris, this tank was first cleaned the Champs -Elysees in 1875 before supplying water to other parts of the South. Built on old quarries , the Montsouris reservoir is the largest underground construction at the time. To support the reservoir pressure from its 300,000 m2 of water and the weight of five bells cast iron , had to be used nearly 1,800 concrete pillars for the building . At the time of its construction, it was one of the largest water reservoirs major cities worldwide .

The Montsouris reservoir stores water from the valve, the area of Fontainebleau in Seine-et- Marne and Cachan south of the capital. These waters are conveyed to the tank through the aqueducts of the valve, the Loing and Arcueil . The book ran under a short tussock to retain moisture and freshness of the original water source . The book is divided into two sets of bunk beds with different storage capacities of reservoirs. This overlay system also keeps the water at the right temperature. The upper reservoirs show a depth of 3.30 m, while it is 5 m for those below . 265 m long and 135 m wide , this tank has a capacity of storing 202,000 m3 in 2010. A volume that is theoretically a third of the daily consumption of Parisians. With such storage capacity, this tank supplies 20% of the inhabitants of Paris .

The current managing company of the water tank has never dreamed since 2010 to challenge the dual system as it proves uneconomical. Souqière Mathieu , director of strategy and institutional relations within the Eau de Paris , admitted that " … back to drinking even more expensive now than treating river water . " But the municipal body afait choosing instead to focus on the environmental side and the economic side. An initiative considered very reasonable at the time of global warming.

Transfer  by shared shuttle tank Montsouris Paris
The Montsouris reservoir is 13.3 km from Orly Airport , 34 km from Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport and 95.5 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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