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The Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf is a renaissance castle which is located in the town of Villecerf and the department of Seine -et-Marne . It was declared as a private property that is closed to the public .



Description Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf

Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf is a country house that was built on a modern architecture. It is recognized as one of the finest buildings in France castle. It was built in the Italian style from a style that resembles that of the old castle of Muette de Saint -Germain -en- Laye. It features a large main building which was built in a square shape. The latter is accompanied by four square pavilions that can be been residing . During the seventeenth century, its roof terrace has been renewed and replaced by a roof slate roof . Its structure was a great success which has strongly marked the history of buildings throughout France . It is built on four sides of the garden, the garden of honor are in the north of the castle, the future water gardens invaded the south of the house with the whole being structured separated by walls pilaster terraces segments elevation of the hill to the banks of the Orvanne . The decoration of the whole area was heavily rebuilt by Francis Charron and his eldest son Francis II include: the imposing entrance gate , water gardens , the forest turned into a leisure park, roundabouts preceded gardens lace boxwood and yew with other fascinating rehabilitation .



History of the castle of St. Angelo Villecerf

Castle Saint Angel Villecerf is a castle dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth century. The building dates from 1543 under the name of Châteauneuf Challeau by Anne Pusseleu duchess on hold the fief of Beaumont -les- Challeau . Then in 1624 , Baron François Charron inherited the castle and gets the king’s consent for him to called Sant’Angelo from the 1627 years and it has remained ever since . This authorization was to call his lordship Sant’Angelo in certificates of their strongholds Saint -Ange- le-Viel but especially for the singling out of the other side of the lord of Challeau . After François Charron II , the field remains in the hands of the family of " Grand Caumartin " to Management . During the revolution , the castle was sold because of the last Caumartins Antoine -Louis was declared emigrated. From 1797, the furniture, statues and collections housed the castle were sold at auction and are held at the Hotel de Ville de Montereau . Between 1795 and 1797 years , the castle was damaged and between 1803 and 1799 years , it was ruined stone by stone.


Significant events of Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf

Following the Prussian conquest date of the year 1814 , the ruins of the area were acquired by Balthazar Rennell , Lescut and Count of the Holy Roman Empire during the Restoration. His family decided to rebuild most of the field by rallying the park with the site of the old castle. Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf was recorded as a historic monument in April 1926 , in the ruins of architecture and sculpture park grounds have been registered by the decree of December 1951.



Must work in the castle of St. Angelo Villecerf

Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf houses a rental room that allows you to organize special events such as cocktail parties or conferences. The castle is also ideal for a wedding or other festivities of your choice. It features a restored farmhouse , an indoor hall and partially covered in addition to beds 22 rooms, 21 bathrooms and several living rooms and kitchens .

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Transfer from Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf to Paris airports

Castle Saint-Ange de Villecerf is 95.1 km from Paris . It is located 77.3 km from Orly airport, 183 km from Beauvais Airport and 118 km from Charles de Gaulle airport.

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