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History and visit to Paris Belleville

The Belleville district is located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. This is the 77th administrative district and had about 35,773 inhabitants in 2005. This area is on horseback with the 10th, 11th, 19th and the 20th arrondissement of the French capital. Previously, he covered the former municipality of Belleville and the Rue de Belleville today. It is served by many subway stations, including the Pyrenees metro, Jordan metro, metro Belleville, underground crowns as well as the metro Ménilmontant. It also has several Velib stations and is accessible by numerous bus routes.

The administrative area is bordered by the streets of Belleville Street Menilmontant Pixérécourt Street and the Boulevard de Belleville. These limits do not correspond to the time when this area was still common. The parties that are on the boundaries of the old town are still considered part of the Belleville district. While the limits of the territory of the Belleville district council is the street of the Pyrenees. It is annexed to the city of Paris in 1860. The first inhabitants of this area went up from the Merovingian time. Many religious buildings were on the scene as the Abbey of Saint-Maur, Abbey of Saint-Magloire, the Saint-Merri, the house of the temple, the priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs. It was then called Savies. This name is replaced in the 13th century by Poitronville. According to history, this name was given in reference to Poitron who was an owner of the place. The name of Belleville was given in the 16th century. His name was always accompanied by the word Sablon to differentiate it from other places who called themselves Belleville. This is the 18th century he was named Belleville any cost. Between 1790 and 1800, the area was the capital of the canton. He became a single canton of Pantin in 1860. He had a wall with three gates whose Belleville barrier, the barrier of Orillon the barrier of the three crowns, was abolished in 1860. Barrier Belleville marked the boundary between low and high Courtille Courtille.

A strong increase of the working population in the old town in the 19th century favored the construction slowdown. Poor maintenance and conservation area in the 1960s favored the damage. The renovation could not be made between 1960 and 1970. Polluted islands have been redeveloped or even shaved. New construction in the neighborhood were with towers of 10-15 floors against 3 to 5 floors of old buildings. These new buildings are currently showing a large contrast in the landscape area.

Historically, the area was known for welcoming immigrants as Poles, Armenians and Jews in Central Europe. Still a large Jewish community from Eastern is still in the area. While Maghreb communities settled in the quarter since 1960. The center lane of the Boulevard de Belleville has a large popular market. This area was bordered by famous personalities including Edith Piaf and Maurice Chevalier to name the most famous. They are born and lived in Belleville. It is also mentioned in the novel by Daniel Pennac. Photographers also photographed the area in his daily life as Willy Ronis and Henri Guérard.

Transfer to Belleville in Paris
Belleville is located at a distance of 24.1 km from Orly Airport, 25.4 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 90.1 km from the airport of Beauvais.

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