Private car transfer from avenue Hoche to Paris Orly airport


History and visit the Avenue Hoche in Paris

The avenue Hoche is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. She travels the district du Roule. It begins at 67, rue de Courcelles and Place du Général-Brocard and ends at the Place Charles de Gaulle. It measures 760 meters long and 36 meters wide. The opening of this road was made in 1822 by M.Estienne.

Before making its current name, avenue Hoche brought various names such as St. Mary Avenue Boulevard and Avenue de Monceau de la Reine Hortense. Previously, she was leaving the Faubourg du Roule to the Barriere du Roule. She was booked passage with gates at each boundary. Public roads were opened in 1854 between the Rue de Tilsit, and the place of the star and 1857, between rue de Courcelles Street Tilsit. These routes have been named Boulevard Avenue Monceau then the Queen Hortense. It currently bears the name was given in 1879 in honor of General Lazare Hoche.

The avenue Hoche houses the headquarters of PPR, the headquarters of the International Diplomatic Academy, the headquarters of the group Bouygues, the headquarters of the Fondation de France, the Spanish Consulate, Embassy of Japan Embassy of Saudi Arabia. It has many hotels like the Hotel miss M.Courbe, Royal Monceau Hotel MR Huet and the hotel of Madame Sand. The English Catholic Church St. Joseph is located in this street. The composer Georges Hüe, diplomat and writer Paul Claudel and member of the Comédie-French residents are part of this famous avenue.

Transfer to the Avenue Hoche in Paris
The avenue Hoche is located at a distance of 20.1 km from Orly Airport to 29.8 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 85.3 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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