Private car visit town of Amazy in Burgundy


History of town of Amazy In Burgundy

Amazy is a French commune located in the department of Nièvre, in the Burgundy region. The history of the village is closely linked to the church. The parish church of St. Franchy was built by Gustave Grandpierre in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century. In 1756, the spire of the fortress was destroyed by lightning. There followed the destruction of a gargoyle and several stairs of the church. In 1891, part of the walls and buttresses were rebuilt by a contractor named Stephen Pier. In 1889, the reconstruction of the sacristy of the church was undertaken by Ch reread.


Tourism and visits Amazy

Amazy has many monuments including cabin home winemaker said Bezou. Built in the nineteenth century, this cabin is owned by brothers Bezou, large vineyard owners and wine merchants. This town has a church of the sixteenth century historical monument whose choir is a protected item. The chapel of St. Roch built in the sixteenth century is located in the small village. This building was part of a castle disappeared in 1798. The last restoration of the steeple of the chapel dates back to 1963. Castle Amazy date of the nineteenth century. Residence of the lords of Amazy in 1571 the castle once belonged to the family of Anjorrant then in 1661 than Gamaches. Purchased by Michel Bouez to 1774, the castle remained in the family until 1873 Bouez. The village has a rich cultural heritage that is the way including a cross was erected in 1809, the monumental crosses consist of a large pedestal dating from the sixteenth century and a mission cross decorated Gothic.

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Amazy to transfer from Paris airports

Amazy is located 47 km from Auxerre and 190 km from Paris. It is located 212 km from Orly airport, 245 km from the airport of Charles de Gaulle Airport and 312 km from the airport of Beauvais.


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