Private transfer to Château de Langeais in the Loire Valley


History of Chateau de Langeais in the Loire Valley

The Château de Langeais is in the region of the Indre-et-Loire. It is a vast castle founded in the tenth century by Fulk Nerra. It is classified as a historical monument in March 1922.

After Fulk Nerra has built this building, it was enlarged by Richard the Lion Heart. But the castle did not survive during the Hundred Years War and was completely ruined. There remained only the facade of the main tower is the tower of Fulk Nerra.

The castle was abandoned between the revolution and the beginning of the nineteenth century. It is only from the year 1833 that the buildings had been restored. The castle is well characterized by fifteen rooms furnished and decorated. It is, however, consists of a room called the Hall of Worthies which is composed of a unique collection of tapestries from the sixteenth century and fifteenth century. The Drawbridge of the palace is in perfect working condition with a parapet with battlements and medieval scaffolding and hoists.

The Château de Langeais is available for visits or tours. Hence, tourists have the chance to browse through the different rooms that make up this fortress and admire the wonders that constitute it. A walk outside the castle offers a magnificent view on the lookout on the Loire and the hut-shaped loft perched in a huge cedar.

To arrive safely at the castle of Langeais, you need an efficient means of transport that will take you from your address or Paris airports at Château de Langeais. We present three types of cars comfortable and equipped with modern facilities. In this case, when making your reservation, you can choose between luxury car VIP private car and shuttle collective.



Transfer from Paris airports to the Château de Langeais in the Loire Valley

The Château de Langeais is located 262 km from Orly airport, 294 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 364 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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