Private transfer to the village of Annéot in Burgundy


History  of the town of Annéot in Burgundy

Annéot is a French commune in the department of Yonne in the Burgundy region. The village was mentioned for the first time in the thirteenth century. At that time, it was known as Agnay anneolum. This name was given by Queen Brunhild at the Abbey of Saint-Martin d’Autun. This donation was confirmed in 1164 by Alexander III, a papal bull refuge in France. In 1793, the village was known as Annéot before known under the name of Amicot in 1801. Today, this destination is known Annéot.


Tourism and visits Annéot

The village of Annéot no shortage of monuments including the Church of St. Gengoult. This marvel was built in the twelfth century and was listed as a historic monument in 1911. The church is characterized by a semicircular portal with columns. The nave vaults with stone ogival rib of the fortress dates from the late fifteenth century. Tourists can also visit the village, a manor house dating back to the sixteenth century and fifteenth century house. In addition, the town has a castle. Built in the eighteenth century, this building has an entrance gate with pilasters. The wall of the closure of the castle is decorated with two false doors. The castle also has a fountain fountain named Saint-Gengoult. The park of the castle is inventoried cultural heritage. The village also offers Annéot riding career with accessible to tourists.

For a shift in the pleasant village, our brand offers three categories of vehicles. You can choose between private car, luxury car VIP shuttle and collective.


Transfer from Annéot to   Paris airports

The village of Annéot is 39 km from Auxerre and 189 km from Paris. It is located 207 km from Orly airport, 240 km from Charles de Gaulle airport and 307 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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