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History and visit the Quai d’Anjou in Paris


The Quai d’Anjou is a street located in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. Called Quai de l’Ile Saint-Louis, it runs from Pont de Sully in the Rue des Deux-Ponts, while the extension of the Quai Bourdon, the Quai d’Anjou has its source in Pont Marie.

Historically, the construction of the Quai d’Anjou was begun in 1614 by Christophe Marie, General Contractor bridges of France at the time, and then continued by Lagrange before being taken by Christophe Marie and collaborators in 1627. It was not until 1647 that construction was completed thanks to the owners of the island and especially Hébert.

To finish its construction, the eastern part was called Anjou, while the western side was named Alençon before being called only Anjou. In 1792, he became the Union dock before resuming again the name of Anjou in 1805. A name it retains until now. Along the Quai d’Anjou, there are many facades plastered the names of characters who lived on the place and that marked the history of France

The Quai d’Anjou is mainly characterized by the relatively large number of mansions along its banks. In the angle formed by the street Poulletier Niche Charron Hall (former hotel Tesse). At Pier No. 17 is the hotel Pimodan or Lauzun which dates from 1657 and belongs to the city, while at No. 5, is the Petit Hôtel de Marigny. In the angle formed by the dock No. 5 and the Rue Saint-Louis Hotel stands majestically Lambert.

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The Quai d’Anjou is located 17.8 km from Orly airport, 33.0 km from Charles de Gaulle Airport and 100 km from Paris Beauvais airport.


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